June 19, 2014

Dance Cover - BoA's The Shadow

Hey everyone!

It's been a long time since I updated huh~
I am just incredibly busy with my final univ. task, it's really no joke.

My German readers might know, that there is the K-Culture Festival in Düsseldorf this September.
I will go there attenting the concerts with a few friends!

The day before the concert  the K-pop Cover Dance European Championship will take place.
Currently I am participating in the first round, which is a video voting.

I'd really like to go into the second round, so I am sharing the video with you.
(Also first time to share a solo dance cover haha I am nervous...)
Half of it was learned like 2 days before the recording, so I guess it seems a little rushed, but I wanted to try anyway.

In case you like it, please give it a thumbs up at youtube (super major important :D!) and share it with your friends :)

Enjoy :)


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  2. This is pretty good especially for 2 days :D
    Good luck to you girl!!
    And you got a nice bod X3

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  3. Hey :) Ohh voll gut! ♥
    Gebe dir gleich ein thumbs up auf youtube.
    Dein Top ist schön <3 ich will mir auch ein croptop für den Sommer holen.
    Wie geht's dir meine Liebe? :)) Ich bin zurzeit stuck at home weil ich krank bin -.-