December 18, 2013

Primark Haul

Hello, been a while.
I am back with a little haul post! And yes, you read correctly, Primark on top of that.

Usually I kind of avoid going there, since I can't stand that plastic smell mixed with sweat from other people. It's always crowded and very messy too.
In addition, I think I never really bought anything else there besides bags or necklaces.
It's not, that Primark hasn't got good looking clothes. It's just, for me it usually ends in the changing room, realizing that the clothes doesn't really look good on me.

So why did I enter Primark in the first place then?
A girl in Seraphix got such a cool pants for training, so I asked her where it's from. I didn't plan to buy the exact same one, but something similar. Something cool, something fancy.
I was surprised to hear, that she got hers at Primark. So I figured I could risk entering the store at 7PM, most clothing already sorted in place again.

It took me quite a while till I found sports wear and on top of that it was a huge disappointment.
But till I managed to find the corner with sport wear, I spotted some other pieces, and since the queue for the changing rooms was pretty non-existent, I decided to shortly try the things on.
I entered the changing room with 4 pieces, expecting that I would hand the 4 pieces back to the shop assistant afterwards.
Then the huge shock, the pieces all suited me surprisingly well? And since Primark usually isn't that expensive, I just decided to take them all in the end.
First was this shirt in jeans look. I loved the rhinestone and pearl details at first sight.
Arms are 3/4, which is kind of adorable. Priced at 15€
Some might have noticed already, I love this grey/black mixed color a lot this season.
I wasn't too sure about this cardigan at first, since it's rather thin, but it looked quite nice. Priced at 10€ only, I decided that I got to have it :D

Wonder of wonders, same color again. This time it's a sweater though. I also love the cute lace details on the shoulders and back. Priced at 8€
I kind of fell in love with the pattern. At first I thought it wouldn't suit me, since it's white and I am pretty pale. That combination usually doesn't work too well.....But somehow the material is more on the autumn-/wintery side, so I won't wear it in summer time without tights anyway. Also it doesn't fit perfectly, but considering that I probably wear Sweaters or cardigans above, I decided that the pattern is just too cute to let it rot in the store. That skirt was priced around 11€

Never learned the correct english word for these kind of hair clips, sorry. Loved the print, and 2€ was kind of cheap for it too.
At the moment I only have one belt, which is slightly broken on top of that, so I figured it was time to get new ones. These two came as a pack for 3€. Love the pattern of the top one. Same pattern as my skirt :D!
And another more simple belt. 2€

All in all I spent around 50€ for all of this. Isn't so bad I guess. I just hope these things won't break instantly. Don't trust Primark yet >:!

Have nice holidays everyone!


  1. Tolle Sachen! Den Cardigan mag ich auch haben haha!! Das Oberteil darunter hab ich auch :3 finde das total super! <3

    1. Dann auf auf :> Gabs auch noch in andern Farben, aber dieser grau/schwarz Mix ist einfach super ♥♥

  2. was für ein zufall:D gestern in Hannover habe ich mir den Cardigan und den Pullover auch gekauft :D Twinsies.

  3. Yay, welcome back I missed your blog post <3

    1. Originally I wanted to post about my Korea trip much earlier. But I am still waiting for over half of my pictures, which I did on a friends sd-card. She just won't send them to me somehow, claiming she has no time (but at the same time is online a lot. But doesn't has those 10 minutes to upload them somewhere for me or getting a CD done...) I have the impression, that she maybe already deleted them after all, not really sure. But if this continues, I won't post about my trip anyway.
      I really wanted my trip to Korea being the next blogspot, but figuring, that I might -never- get those pictures, I can't let my blog die really.
      So I am back now with usual updates.

      Thanks for waiting and reading ♪

  4. Ich freu mich so über den Post ♥ Du hast dir wunderschöne Teile bei Primark ausgesucht. Die Bluse mit den Perlen sieht soo schön aus. Da muss ich mal nach gucken :)
    Ich kaufe auch sehr selten dort, was vielleicht auch daran liegt, dass wir in Hannover ja auch eins haben und es dann nichts besonderes mehr ist, dorthin zu gehen. Ich sehe jeden Samstag solche "primark pilger" die vom Hauptbahnhof direkt dorthin strömen. Am Wochenende kann man den Laden echt vergessen :D Viel zu voll!

    Ich hab gerade daran gedacht, dass du mir letztes Jahr um die Weihnachtszeit die leckere Schoko geschickt hast ♥ Hoffentlich sehen wir uns im neuen Jahr! Aber geh ich mal von aus :)) Schonmal Föhliche Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch :**

    1. Ich weiß was du meinst :) Ich hab Primark ja auch quasi 'vor der Haustür'. (Andere Seite Bremen und ich brauch gut 1 3/4 Stunden hin, aber ja... :D)
      Ich war an einem Freitag Abend da, das ging noch :) Und Abends fängt der Staff ja schon immer an aufzuräumen. Sah also wieder ganz anständig aus, als ich da war :)

      Wir müssen uns sehen ♥ Zusammen Sushi futtern steht noch an, ok? ♥

    2. Yes please ♡♡ Ins Ichiban oder zu dir falls ihr auch ein günstiges und dazu leckeres sushi Restaurant habt. :) Ichiban ist all you can eat aber mit Ipad Bestellung und dann bringen die es an den Tisch;)